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 Permits are now available for 2023 in the site shop. Thank you for your continued support. 

 If you have any queries about anything regarding fishing on the Allan water please email us at 

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Affordable fishing for everyone

Allan Water Angling Improvement

Why not escape for a while and spend an hour or two fishing the finest small river  in Central Scotland.

 Within easy reach of Edinburgh and Glasgow (40 min), and Perth (30 mins) the Allan offers affordable brown trout, sea trout, and salmon fishing for all.   The Allan Water Angling Improvement Association controls approximately 15 miles of mostly double bank fishing.  The   Association is committed to providing good quality affordable fishing for its members and visiting anglers who are always welcome and both daily and season permits are readily available. The season opens on 15th March and closes on 6th October for brown trout and 31st October for salmon and sea trout.

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The Association was started in 1911 as part of a growing concern that there was no regulation around fishing in the local area. The Association has gone from strength to strength over the last 100 years managing these local fishings and can still offer fishing at affordable prices on large stretches of the Allan Water. The Committee continues to meet  regularly to discuss issues relating to the river. Looking ahead to 2019 the focus will be on increasing and maintaining membership numbers,making it easier for visitors to obtain daily/weekly permits and providing better accessibility to the water where possible. The committee will be working with the Forth fishery board and the Forth Rivers trust to try to deliver sustainable and responsible fishing for many years to come. The Allan Water Angling Improvement Association remains a non profit organisation and relies on external funding to allow any larger projects to be considered. It is hoped that in the coming year through partnership with local businesses that some much needed access works will be carried out. 

Here at Allan Water Angling Improvement Association, we are committed to ensuring that our members and visitors get the best value for money when fishing the Allan Water. 

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